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PETRA: The PET Resin Association

PETRA is the industry association for North America's producers of PET - polyethylene terephthalate - the clear and lightweight plastic used around the world to package foods, beverages, personal care products and other consumer items.

PETRA (the PET Resin Association) is dedicated to:

  • Promoting the benefits and value of PET and PET resin products
  • Educating the public about the safety and uses of PET
  • Providing accurate technical and scientific information about PET
  • Encouraging the recycling and sustainable use of PET
  • Serving as the authoritative voice on issues impacting the industry

PET is the most recycled plastic in America. Bottles, jars and containers made of PET can be identified by the #1 and chasing arrows code stamped on the bottom.

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BPA FreeDon't Worry.  PET Plastics Contain No BPA.

There's been a lot of confusion lately about the presence of a chemical called Bisphenol-A (BPA) that is used in some plastics. Consumers should know that PET plastics do not contain any BPA and never have. Learn more>

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Recycled PET Bottle and Super HeroPET Bottles and the Sun Create Potable Water in Some Developing Nations

Two million people in developing countries now rely on PET bottles and the sun to turn bacteria-contaminated local water into safe drinking water. This simple but effective water treatment method -- known as SODIS - is helping reduce water-borne illness in rural areas of poorer nations. Learn More>